Professional Training in Clinical Massage Therapy

Information for Patients

As part of our commitment in Helping Life Feel Better, we offer massage at no charge to patients as part of our students’ development.

We are seeking patients with chronic health conditions in order to further develop training in the field of clinical massage therapy. If you or someone you know is affected by heart disease, neurological impairment, cancer, or any other ongoing medical condition, you could qualify for free massage!

How it works

In order to provide a hands-on experience in clinical massage training, therapists will need a way to practice and demonstrate their skills. These students are already Licensed Massage Therapists that are simply seeking to expand their knowledge in this new and exciting field. Whenever we offer classes, we are looking for individuals to participate and offer valuable feedback to our students as part of the learning process.

As you can imagine, many people take advantage of this wonderful community outreach service so in order to reserve a space, simply e-mail with your name and contact details and we’ll get in touch. It’s as easy as that!

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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