Professional Training in Clinical Massage Therapy

Infant & Pediatric

Infant Massage

16 CE Hours / $400 / June 11-12 2010 / Enroll now ยป

This class is aimed at massage therapists and healthcare professionals who want to develop their understanding in the unique needs of infants.
In this module we explore the many benefits infant massage has for healthy babies and babies with special healthcare and developmental needs. We teach a gentle and loving baby massage that has many benefits for both parents and children. The relationship between a parent and baby is enhanced and strengthened through the nurturing touch of infant massage. As an infant massage educator you help to empower parents in understanding their babies non-verbal communication. This is an enriching experience for both the students and parents.

Pediatric Massage

In this module we will learn about the role of massage therapy in the pediatric population. Children have their own unique perspective on touch and the role it plays in the healing process. This module is aimed at massage therapists and health care professionals who wish to enhance their skills in order to provide a holistic approach using therapeutic touch with children who have special health considerations

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