Professional Training in Clinical Massage Therapy

Hospital-Based Massage

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In this module the student will gain a better understanding in working with various disease states. Pain management is a key component in massage and disease.  It is important to know and recognize the patient’s physiological, psychological, and emotional responses to pain when developing a pain management plan. Without addressing these important issues, it is often difficult to develop an adequate pain treatment plan.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) estimates for the year 2006 are that 80,000,000 people in the United States have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease. Understanding the importance of past medical history with adults is an essential component in defining massage goals and treatment plans.

During this module the student will understand the relevance of case history and documentation, the pathology of prevalent adult disease states.   The student will be able to provide safe effective therapy in private practice or in working alongside health care practitioners. This class is for students who want to develop skills to improve their skills in the field of massage therapy within in the medical community.

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