Professional Training in Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Classes

Hospital-Based Massage

This class is for students who want to develop skills to improve their skills in the field of massage therapy within in the medical community. The class covers many topics, such as relevance of case history and documentation, as well as the pathology of prevalent adult disease states.   After completing this class, you will be able to provide safe, effective therapy in private practice or working alongside health care practitioners.

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Infant & Pediatric

This class teaches baby massage that has many benefits for both parents and children, as well as the role of massage therapy in the pediatric population. Infants and children have their own unique perspective on touch and the role it plays in the healing process. This module is aimed at massage therapists and health care professionals who wish to enhance their skills in order to provide a holistic approach using therapeutic touch with children who have special health considerations.

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Oncology Massage

This class is aimed for those who wish to work with patients in the cancer journey.  Oncology massage requires specific skills to adapt techniques suited for the cancer treatment.  Initial diagnosis to end of life care requires an in-depth understanding of these modifications.  You will learn skills integrating modifications during the different phases of cancer treatment. The student will have a comprehensive understanding of comfort and be able provide safe touch in a world filled with uncertainties and negative touch experiences.

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